Maths Jobs

Maths Jobs

We discuss how gaining a degree in Maths or Maths and an associated subject will help open the door to certain career paths, while offering the opportunity to earn substantial financial rewards.

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Maths Degrees

Maths Degrees

There are a range of different Maths degrees offered at our top five universities, while it is important to choose the correct degree to suit your future plans.

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Maths of Cryptography

Maths of Cryptography

Even though the clue is literally in the name, most people out there wouldn’t even think of what puts the crypto in cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Zcash, cryptocurrency has truly taken the last few years by storm.

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Maths Books

Maths Books

Students who are studying Maths at university will most likely be given a list of the best text books to read to help them with their studies.

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Featured Maths Games:

Frog Fraction

Frog Fractions

Attending university lectures and reading conventional books are not the only ways to improve your maths skills. There are other fun and interactive ways to stimulate the logical side of your brain whilst also using some right brain creativity. We've recommend various games by and also that will allow you to do this, just download one and play it yourself to find out just how good your mathematical abilities really are. You might surprise yourself, or then again, you might not!

These are just a few titles in our list: Frog Fraction, DropSum v 2, Twelve a Dozen, Gate, Proximity, Abacus, Ancient Greek Geometry and more

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2048 App Game

You haven' known true gaming addiction until you’ve played 2048. An unbelievably simple tile-based game that requires virtually no mathematical ability whatsoever, 2048 exists in a variety of forms but the most convenient for enjoying for the most varied of circumstances is the mobile version, the official form of which comes from Gabriele Cirulli on the Google Play Store.

Also available for iOS and in the form of a free-to-play version of 2048 here simply involves playing on a 4x4 tile grid with the aim of sliding matching-numbered tiles into each other to make one tile that’s double the initial values of the two colliding tiles. You need only play one round and you’re almost certain to be hooked due to its extremely simple concept, clean design, and universal appeal, regardless of mathematical ability.

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