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How Learning Maths and a New Language are Interlinked

How Learning Maths and a New Language

Maths and language are two truly remarkable, and universal disciplines, but for very different reasons. The universality of maths is impossible to argue against: it is a set of established frameworks for explaining and quantifying almost all the processes that take place in the world and indeed the universe; it transcends religion, race, and culture, and no matter what language we all speak, the principles of mathematics always remain the same. Simply put, 2 x 2 will always equal 4

Though Mathematics and languages (in this one example, the English language) are taught as entirely separate subjects in almost all prescribed curriculums, both are vital to any young person’s education in most countries. However, a less widely-known fact is just how closely the learning of a new language and the learning of mathematics are linked. Happen to be good at solving equations? Then the research shows you’re likely to be more capable of learning a new language than those without proficiency or understanding of mathematical principles. This article looks to explore in more detail exactly how the learning of language and the learning of mathematics are intertwined.

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