Online Maths Tutors and Teachers

Life at the moment seems to be lived online and thank goodness for it! Without social media and the internet during this pandemic we would all be lost. So, how can we keep up our maths studies and not fall behind in this current climate. Many students benefit from engaging an online tutor even when we are living in normal times therefore why not take a look at how securing the services of a good online tutor is beneficial whatever the circumstances. Here we bring together a selection of tutors with details of how to get in touch, what they offer and what their charges are.

My Tutor

My Tutor offer one to one online lessons from home keeping your child on track with their studies via interactive online tuition. One to one tuition is the best way to improve your child’s grades and engaging a tutor online is so much cheaper than having someone coming to your home in person. Lessons are tailored to the individual and students speak to the tutor via video link. Lessons are recorded too so that pupils can go over what they have been learning at any time that is convenient.

Once you find a tutor on the website that you think is suitable you can have a free 15-minute chat via video to ask questions and decide if the particular tutor is for you and your child. As far as paying for lessons there is a pay as you go system and students can book one at a time or regular lessons as they see fit. Prices start from £18 per hour, while some tutors are charged at anything up to £48 per hour and more. Price depends on the tutor’s experience and how involved the subject is. A level and GCSE tutors are available.

Everything is conducted via the website so parents can be sure that tutors are not accessing personal details of their students. The site has a comprehensive list of Maths tutors to choose from and prospective students can view the tutor’s profile that gives details of how they work, their experience and how others have rated them. My Tutor has a Trustpilot rating of 9.6% from 10. Further information can be found at the My Tutor Website.

Fleet Tutors

Fleet Tutors has over 40 years’ experience with students enjoying a tailored approach to their study along with experienced consultants that link prospective students with a suitable tutor. Subjects are covered from primary age pupils through to university students and everything in between. Tutors engaged by Fleet have to portray exceptional standards and qualifications along with passing a five-stage selection process that complies with the Safer Recruitment in Education requirements.

When it comes to the subject of maths, tutors are required to have in depth, specialist, maths knowledge to the level required in each topic area. Students are assessed throughout the process while there are one to one online or group sessions available too. So, whether its assistance with maths homework or help with maths knowledge such as algebra equations, geometry, scientific maths and probabilities Fleet Tutors will find students the right help.

There’s lots of information at the Fleet Tutors Website plus advice regarding home schooling during the Corona Virus outbreak. Charges can be enquired about via an online form.

Love Learning Tutors

Love Learning Maths Tutors provide tutoring to families in London and regularly work online with families who live outside London or abroad. Love Learning can provide many examples of student successes when it comes to their tutoring, while their prices are listed on the website so students can gauge how much it will cost for the lessons. During the Coronavirus outbreak Love Learning are organising free online group sessions which is excellent!

Love Learnings 8+, 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, GCSE, IB and A level Maths tutors are fun, friendly and incredibly passionate about teaching Maths, while a complimentary video chat is available with the tutor to see that students hit it off and feel comfortable with their choice. So, how to get started?

  • Contact Love Learning and tell them what your after
  • They will select the best appropriate tutor
  • The tutor will send you a link via email which gives you access to the interactive online classroom

There are plenty of reviews to read on the website from students who have used their services, visit the Love Learning Tutors Website for more details and information.

Super Prof

Tutors who are signed up with Super Prof offer their first lesson free to their new students, while with the average lesson costing around £9 per hour this is an amazing price. Students can consult tutor profiles freely and contact their ideal tutor according to their needs. Students can arrange their lessons, talk with their tutor, explain their needs and discuss availabilities. Students can schedule their lessons and pay for them securely, all from their inbox.

The website provides a Student Pass that gives them unlimited access to all tutors, coaches, and masterclasses. Super Prof will help you search for great maths tutors in your local area, while the tutor profiles list all the information you need such as their qualifications, area of expertise and how much they charge. There is nothing like one to one teaching and assistance to ensure that students will gain the knowledge and grades they require. The website lists 172295 maths tutors so there is definitely one here for you! Pop over to the the Super Prof website for further details.

Tutor Fair

Tutor Fair offers one to one tuition for maths students online with expert tutors throughout the United Kingdom. Forget travel time and the cost of travelling as learning online cuts this out altogether and lets students choose when to learn and fit learning in with their lifestyle. This website offers 1216 maths tutors therefore students can be assured that there will be a suitable tutor that meets their requirements. Pricing varies from tutors who charge less than £25 per hour through to those who charge £70 plus, while there are a range of prices in between.

Tutor Fair offer a 100% money back guarantee on the first lesson if they do not hook students up with the perfect tutor. Grades of Maths tuition cover

  • 11+
  • Primary
  • Scholarship
  • A Level
  • AS level
  • Degree
  • GCSE
  • Common Entrance
  • IB
  • Pre-University

Further details can be found at the Tutor Fair Website

Elite Tuition

Elite tuition concentrates on GCSE and A level Maths tuition with 100% of their students gaining A or A* qualifications which is superb! All students are accepted regardless of capability, while their one to one tutoring is tailored to the student’s individual needs. Online maths tuition is done via Skype or One Note with students having access to elite tutors they may otherwise have not been able to engage at their own local level.

All web tutorials follow a planned course and go through an extensive exam technique program. During the online tutorials tutors record the pupil’s progress to ensure they achieve the top grade and offer lesson by lesson feedback to the parents.  This means parents will know precisely what the student has done in every session as they take place. Prices are as follows for web tutorials

  • GCSE Maths start at £40 per hour
  • A Level Maths start at £45 per hour
  • Discounts are offered for those who pay in advance

Facilities required to engage an online tutor include, PC or tablet, Skype, Broadband, webcam, printer and headset. Go to the the Elite Tutition Website to read testimonials and sign up for a course.


Want to find your perfect online maths tutor? Tutorful will endeavour to match you to the perfect maths tutor who will guide you through your lessons in the comfort of your own home. Tutorful believes bringing all the best tutors together in one place can help anyone find the perfect tutor to suit their individual needs. Tutorful only list talented and trustworthy tutors who can help students gain in confidence with their maths plus achieve their goals. Tutors are listed by area or by subject. Simply click on the maths tutor header to reveal a selection of teachers. Students can

  • See and speak to their tutor via webcam
  • Share past documents and papers
  • Use the intuitive whiteboard to work together by writing, typing or drawing diagrams.
  • Show your tutor your work in real time by sharing your screen

Students can read about the tutor and see their qualifications along with reading reviews at the website. Sessions can be booked via text and lessons start from as little as £15 per hour. Head over to the Tutorful website to see what they offer.

Tutor Hunt

Tutor Hunt list no less than 47631 maths tutors on their website for students to choose from. This is great as many jobs these days require a maths qualification or at the very least a good knowledge of the subject when candidates are applying for a position. Hiring an online maths tutor will not only boost a student’s confidence but it also offers that one to one service that we simply do not get in the classroom. The site lists tutors for primary age children through to adult learners, while prices vary from around £20 per hour through to £60 per hour.

Students can contact as many tutors as they wish during their search without charge, while reading feedback from previous students offers an idea of the calibre of the tutor they are considering. The site manages all the booking process along with collecting fees, while cancelling and rescheduling sessions is also facilitated. Whether it’s a face to face tutor you require or an online tutor you will surely find the ideal match via the Tutor Hunt Website.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor’s online tutoring delivers the same high-quality experience you expect, but with many more benefits. All the online sessions you attend with Tutor Doctor are recorded therefore you can revisit the lesson at your leisure whenever it is convenient to you. Many students find this a real plus and say it is the main reason they prefer online tutoring. This and also learning at a time best suited to you and your commitments is of course another plus. Once a student is matched and everyone is happy lessons can begin!

All new students are assessed then matched with an appropriate tutor with lessons tailored to suit.  Whether you are teenager trying to get their maths skills to the next level or a young child working on their maths skills, the qualified tutors at Tutor Doctor can provide services for all year groups, levels, and subjects—including special needs, adult, and university tutoring. The site offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Further information re costs can be found at the Tutor Doctor website.